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Do Braces Hurt? What to Expect

A girl getting a check-up for her braces

Are you thinking about getting braces?

We highly recommend them!

Braces have been transforming smiles and lives for DECADES! They are a tried-and-true method for straightening even the most complex of teeth issues.

But before you commit to braces, you would probably like to know what to expect during your orthodontic treatment, right?

That’s where we can help!

As you probably do, our patients and their parents at Lucas Orthodontic Group have a lot of questions about braces, such as how do I floss with braces? How often will I have appointments?

Today, we are going to answer the common question: Do braces hurt?

We will give you our honest answers, tell you what to expect, and give you some advice.

Do braces hurt when you get them on?

First, you may be curious as to how are braces put on.

The quick summary:

Our kind and gentle team will place and secure brackets on your teeth, connect them with a wire, and bind them with elastic bands.

This process can take 1-2 hours depending on your case. Our smile experts will make sure you are comfortable the entire time.

The good news:

Getting your braces put on does not hurt!


A few hours later you may begin to experience some discomfort.


Because our braces are doing their job by moving your teeth.

The wire and elastic bands are applying pressure on your teeth to straighten them slowly.

Since this is an unfamiliar feeling, it can take a few days to get used to. Any discomfort can be treated with Advil or Motrin. But rest assured, it will go away.

If a bracket begins to rub the inside of your cheek, we recommend applying a little ball of wax to the associated bracket(s). This will stop the bracket from further irritating your mouth and allow your mouth to adjust to the bracket.

Do braces hurt when tightened?

As your teeth move, the pressure to move them decreases.

To keep applying pressure and making sure they gradually straighten out, we need to “tighten” your braces.

Typically, you will need to visit one of our orthodontists every few weeks to check the progress and see if your braces need adjusting.

If your braces need tightening, we may adjust your wires, elastic bands, and/or other orthodontic appliances.

The pressure from tightening your braces may cause some discomfort for a short period of time.

You can take Advil or Motrin. We also recommend eating soft foods to avoid additional soreness.

However, if this pain persists, please contact us, and we will help you.

Do braces hurt when you get them off?

While the average treatment time is only 12-24 months, you may have been waiting YEARS for this day!

Finally, you are about to have the straight smile you have always dreamed of. When this day comes, you may be too excited to ask:

Does it hurt getting braces off?

That’s why it helps to know what to expect with braces now.

To get your braces taken off:

First, our team will remove your elastic bands and wires – this will feel routine from your frequent check-ups.

Next, we will remove your brackets. We often hear patients say they expect this part to hurt, but it’s not painful.

One-by-one, we will safely squeeze the bracket, which will come right off. This process only takes a matter of seconds.

Getting your braces off is 100x more exciting than any discomfort incurred during your treatment.

We want you to love your smile.

If you are worried about pain with braces, fear not.

As your preferred orthodontists in Tennessee, we will help you. We will find a treatment plan that works for you. We will make sure you are comfortable and enjoy your time with us. We will make you feel a part of our family. And we promise to #MakeYaSmile.

Let’s see if we are the right fit for you.

Find your nearest Lucas Orthodontic Group location and schedule a FREE consultation today – no strings attached.

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