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Braces in Gallatin

The tried-and-true orthodontic treatment for you or your child.

Want to Straighten Teeth the Classic Way?

Braces improve your smile with predictable, beautiful results.

A young patient smiling with braces on

Do you hide your smile during pictures? Or cover your mouth when you eat or talk?

Feeling insecure about your teeth affects self-confidence.

But—that no longer needs to be the case.

Lucas Orthodontics Group is proud to offer braces to fit your lifestyle including stainless steel (traditional) braces and ceramic (clear) braces.

Whether your child needs orthodontic treatment or you’re looking to improve your smile, our Gallatin orthodontists can use braces to correct:

  • Mild to severe cases of misalignment
  • Overbite, underbite, or uneven bite
  • Crooked teeth
  • Space or gaps

Contact us today to see if braces are right for you or your child.

Are Braces Worth It?

In our opinion, yes! See why:
Improves Health

Straight teeth are easier to clean and can prevent future dental problems, such as cavities, TMD, and gum disease.

Uninterrupted Treatment

Braces will consistently move your teeth into place, so you don’t have to worry about any compliance rules.

Predictable Results

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you won’t have to redo your treatment. Braces WILL straighten your smile.

Boost Confidence

Get the straighter smile you’ve always wanted and feel confident in every selfie.

Hear From Real Patients


I can't say enough good things about Dr. Lucas and his staff. I came to him 10 years ago as an adult patient. It was a great and, yes, FUN experience! My teeth are now straight, I have no more TMJ and I love my new smile!

Magda O., 5-Star Google Review

Why Choose Us?

We make orthodontic care easy for you and your family.

Collage of Lucas Orthodontic Group's patients with braces

You or your child may be avoiding orthodontic treatment because you think it may be hard to get used to.

But—that’s not the case here.

We’ll walk you through every step of your treatment and help you learn how to live your life with braces!

With 10+ years of experience, our Gallatin orthodontists make your braces appointments stress-free by offering:

  • Modern techniques with smaller and less noticeable metal wires and brackets and color customization

  • Clear ceramic material for discreet treatment

  • Convenient office hours for your busy schedule

  • Financial payment plans to accommodate your budget

  • Multiple locations with the same standard of excellence

Learn why our smile specialists are a patient favorite!

Collage of Lucas Orthodontic Group's patients with braces

Caring for Your Braces

Get tips and advice to make your treatment successful.

FAQs About Braces

Find your answers here.
  • What’s the best age to get braces?

    The American Association of Orthodontists…Open a new window to the AAO website… recommends all children should get examined by an orthodontic specialist no later than age seven.

    The earlier we can identify problems, the better chance your child will get to prevent serious problems later on.


    You’re never too old for braces!

    We treat kids, teens, and adults alike.

  • What type of braces do you offer?

    We offer:

    • Stainless steel braces: Modern technology has made braces smaller and less noticeable. You can even color customize your braces.
    • Ceramic braces: We use clear ceramic wires and brackets that produce the same results as traditional braces while making treatment more discreet. They’re more fragile and require more care.

    Contact us to learn more about your options.

  • How long is the treatment?

    This can vary from patient to patient, depending on you or your child’s case complexity.

    On average, treatment may last anywhere between 12 to 36 months.

    We also offer retainers to keep your smile straight.

  • Do braces hurt?

    You’ll be happy to know many patients report that braces don’t hurt.


    You or your child may experience some discomfort when you first begin your treatment. This is because your braces will put pressure on your teeth to move them to optimal position.

  • Are you accepting new patients?

    Yes! Our office is conveniently located in Brentwood.

    We happily welcome patients from all over the Greater Nashville area and Spring Hill.

    We also have multiple offices in Tennessee, including Brentwood, Belle Meade, Columbia, Nolensville, and Gallatin.

Ready to Love Your Smile?
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