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We offer comprehensive orthodontics in Nashville, and four other Tennessee locations that’ll "make ya smile."

Custom-Made Plans for Your Smile
Giving your family the care they need for aligned teeth and a comfortable bite.
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It is never too late to achieve your dream smile! At Lucas Orthodontic Group, we carefully and comprehensively align your teeth so you can enjoy better health and renewed confidence. Although we recommend early intervention (we specialize in this area too!), our team of Tennessee orthodontists can work with you at any age. We treat you as an individual and create a custom treatment plan designed around your goals.

We offer various forms of orthodontic care at each of our five locations:

Not only do we specialize in aligning your teeth, but also we help move your bite into its ideal position. This can provide pain relief and also prevent further health problems. Through our modern approach, you or your child can feel the benefit of a beautiful, confident smile.

When you visit, you will see how our experts are here for you. We cater to all your personal needs and promise to show kindness every step of the way. You’ll feel informed, valued, and most importantly, part of our family at Lucas Orthodontic Group.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Exams

Our skilled Tennessee orthodontists assess your teeth, bite, and health.

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Little girl in a grey dress walking into our Nashville Orthodontic office for her orthodontic treatment.
For Kids

Although we can enhance your smile at any age, the optimal time to begin orthodontic treatment is no later than age seven (American Association of Orthodontists). During this initial exam, our Tennessee orthodontists can identify any potential issues and create a custom plan for future treatment. Our team evaluates your child’s teeth and bite to pinpoint any problems in this relationship, such as an overbite, crowding, or misalignment.

It is worth noting that specific orthodontic treatment may not be necessary at this time. However, this early detection gives us the best opportunity for effective and less invasive treatments in the future.

When interceptive treatment is necessary, we can reduce the risk of protruding front teeth, overcrowding, tooth removal, and overall treatment time while preserving space for unerupted teeth, creating facial symmetry, and keeping your child healthy.

When your child visits our offices, we immediately focus on their personality and make the appointment fun. Getting down to their level while educating you as a parent are our top priorities. You’ll always be in the know through our open communication, and we do our best to make them smile.

Dr. Lucas talking to a teenage boy about orthodontic treatments while he sits in the dentist chair
For Teens

Many teens suffer from misaligned teeth and incorrect bites, which can really affect their self-esteem and oral health. We understand the idea of orthodontic care can be daunting; therefore, we do everything in our power to make treatment convenient and fun. Braces don’t need to be scary!

When we see a teenage patient, we evaluate their teeth and bite to discover if early treatment or correctional treatment is necessary. Our skilled orthodontists assess the relationship of the bite and determine which type of orthodontics would provide a real benefit.

As a teenager, you have a series of options:

Early Treatment: After your exam, our doctors may want to monitor the growth and development of your teeth and jaw. This allows us to intercept any potential issues and do so at the optimal time. However, not all patients receive early treatment, as we may be able to correct any problems at a later date.

Braces: We know that braces don’t sound like the ideal scenario for a teenage patient. However, once we have evaluated your smile, we will spend time discussing various treatments and how we can make the process more comfortable for you.

We have some outstanding options for our teens including ceramic braces and colored braces.

Dr. Lucas explaining a Nashville orthodontic treatment to a woman in a red dress
For Adults

Braces…Learn more about what to expect with braces… aren’t just for kids anymore! Adults can feel the real and lasting benefits of this orthodontic treatment…Learn more about braces… at our offices. Many of our patients have suffered for years with low self-esteem due to feeling embarrassed by their smiles. After seeing us, they regularly say, “I wish I did this sooner!”

Right from your complimentary consultation, we make your experience comfortable, personalized, and worthwhile. We can help you improve the aesthetics of your teeth, get relief from jaw pain or TMJ, and so much more. During this appointment, we determine the ideal treatment for your individual needs and outline a custom treatment plan.

At Lucas Orthodontic Group, we have adult-specific options such as Invisalign® to straighten your smile discreetly. With modern orthodontics, you can receive many benefits, including:

  • Metal-free braces
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Less time in the chair
  • A beautiful smile
  • Improved oral health

During your first exam, you’ll notice the old stereotypes about orthodontics are no longer true. Your treatment can be convenient, custom, and specifically designed for you!

Hear from Our Patients
Read the reviews of those who have enjoyed orthodontic treatment.


As a fellow dental professional, I highly recommend Dr. Lucas and his excellent staff. He did my braces over ten years ago and my smile looks as good today as it did when my braces came off. This is a top-notch orthodontic practice and I highly recommend Lucas Orthodontic Group.

Todd B. (Actual Patient)


We have had such a great experience with Dr. Lucas and his staff in the Belle Meade location. The waiting area is lovely, and we are seen quickly. Everyone is friendly, and I love the conservative approach to orthodontic care. Highly recommend!

Destiny S. (Belle Meade Patient)


Dr. Lucas is amazing! He and his staff are so great with the kids. Every visit is quick and my daughter loves him. I would highly recommend!

Amy E. (Actual Patient)

Your Braces Options

Finding the ideal orthodontic solution for your family.

Red icon showing two teeth combined by braces


Traditional braces still provide wonderful results and are now more comfortable than ever! This option uses metal brackets and wires to move your teeth into their ideal positions gently. With modern technology, we have made these braces less noticeable and even offer some color customizations.

Red icon of a tooth with a love heart in the top right corner


Made with a clear material, these braces use the same design as traditional braces but are far less noticeable. They are very effective but more fragile so require more vigilant care. Due to the discreet brackets and slightly more maintenance, these braces are more popular with our teen and adult patients.

Red icon showing a set of teeth


This modern solution consists of a series of removable clear aligners that gradually move your teeth into position. The aligners are made of transparent plastic and are removable. We are a Platinum Invisalign® Provider, so you can feel the real benefits of this discreet orthodontic care. Learn more about Invisalign®.

The entire team at the Lucas Orthodontic Group smiling together
Mouthguards & Nightguards
Carefully designed to protect your smile.
Teenage boy with curly hair smiling as he sits in the dentist chair

During or after your braces treatment, we may offer a custom-made mouthguard or nightguard. These can provide a number of functions to help protect and maintain the alignment of your teeth. This includes:

  • Protection during sports
  • Prevention of nighttime grinding or clenching
  • Retainers to maintain alignment
  • Treatment for minor orthodontic problems

Our mouthguards are designed using the digital impressions of your natural bite. This helps us to create a better fit and achieve your end goal of a beautifully aligned, pain-free smile. Mouthguards are available to patients of all ages and are designed for the uniqueness of your smile.

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